Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Lost" Lost Me

I keep reading about the series finale of "Lost" tomorrow night, and for some reason, I feel like I'm missing out on a grand cultural phenomenon. Oh--that's right. I forgot. I'VE NEVER WATCHED LOST.

Here's a partial list of other shows I never watched, most of which are current. This is not all inclusive--but most of them are relatively "popular", at least I hear and read people mentioning them.

1. Lost
2. Survivor (with the exception of season 1, which I did watch)
3. American Idol
4. America's Got Talent
5. The "A" Team
6. Gray's Anatomy (at least not a full episode. I've meandered in whilst the Kitten ogles Patrick Dempsey now and then)
7. Any program, ever, on The CW
8. Friday Night Lights
9. Heroes
10. Brothers and Sisters
11. Cougar Town
12. Dancing with the Stars
13. Extreme Makeover Home Edition
14. Flash Forward
15. Jimmy Kimmell
16. Modern family
17. Private Practice
18. SuperNanny
19. Ugly Betty
20. Wife Swap
21. Amazing Race
22. Big Brother
23. Ghost Whisperer
24. The Good Wife
25. Bones
26. Glee
27. House

Just so's you don't think I'm a complete non-TV watcher, I LOVE the Monday night CBS lineup from 8-10.

That's all.


Goldwater's Ghost said...

I felt that way about Seinfeld; never watched it during its run on TV, although I have caught it from time to time in reruns. Meh.

Also, never watched the Sopranos, except for the finale which I thought was brilliant.

Lost is a decent, character-driven show, but in my opinion it ran a season too long.

Mudge said...

I understand never watching anything on "The CW". For some reason, that name just gives me the heebie geebies.

Best TV comedy ever--Arrested Development. Won every Emmy it could win. And cancelled after three years.

Lost was like The Matrix for me. Tried real hard to understand both of them. Never did. Kind of like someone choosing to be a liberal or progressive or leftist in the United States of America. Never have understood that either.

And women.

BigFred said...

I missed out on Twin Peaks during deployments. Lost happened when I was in transition to Korea, and never really caught up. I watch a LOT of Maryland Public Television, WV public Television, and This Old House. Not much else.

"The Hammer" said...

Well I've seen a couple of those but only so I could sit on the couch with the wife, have a cup of tea, say shit like "wow, she can really sing" so as to talk her into sex later.
I know, I'm a pathetic individual.

Sally said...

I don't see Desperate Housewives on your list.

Best TV show ever: The Wonder Years. Funniest: The King of Queens.

Vaidro said...

Haven't had conventional tv for, let's see, 38 years. My significant other is convinced tv viewing does more harm than good to society, especially kids. We do have a screen and player for dvds. That's how I saw "Band of Brothers". After observing a Tea Party rally in Boston two months ago, we crossed Beacon Street and went into the "Cheers" bar. Hadn't a clue as to who the actors in the photos on the wall were. I must say I enjoy the reruns of "NCIS" that I watch at an exercise facility. Hope the show continues to produce those reruns.

Stephen Monteith said...

I hope you like the Tuesday night lineup, as well, 'cause NCIS is the awesomest.


You didn't watch "The A-Team"?

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