Monday, May 3, 2010

Are Conservative Family Values an Anachronism?

This piece posits that red state family values are ill-suited for our current day and age and are more likely to result in failed marriages. Having grown up in arguably the reddest of states and just now performing a quick mental scrub of high school chums, many of the reddest among them are on their second marriages (at least) while the less red of us (does that make us pink?) are still on our first marriages or are still unmarried. I'm sure there are other factors that contribute to this disparity, such as relatively levels of High Fructose Corn Syrup consumed - I'll let you guess with which group HFCS correlates....I kid. I kid.

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"The Hammer" said...

This is a good example of a logical fallacy, i.e. the general to the specific.
What I could never understand however is why are red states conservative and blue states liberal. The color red has always been associated with the left.
This is another form of bias by the defining of terms. It's like when the old Soviet Union was crashing and the talking heads would call the hardliners the Soviet "Right Wing". What a load of bullshit. They were anything but right wing. But they argued that the old guard were conservative (conservative being a relative term) so why not equate Soviet conservatives with American conservatives. To the young or stupid or gullible (you know, the John Stewart crowd) this got some traction.
The American left has always wanted to muddy the waters, confuse, hide, ANYTHING to prevent themselves from being defined as who they really are.

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