Friday, November 28, 2008

Bombay Terror

Indian authorities have quite a situation on their hands. The more I read and understand what happened, the more I come to believe that this is not a home-grown Indian Islamist group, but more likely a Pakistani group. There are reports of the gunmen having been transported by sea in a vessel whose last-known port was Pakistan. This is not going to have a positive impact on Pakistani-Indian relations, and it appears to signify a possible uptick in the training/capability of Pakistani Islamists, perhaps as a result of increased concentrations of more sophisticated Islamist groups taking up refuge there (i.e. AQ). Whatever is happening here, Pakistan is an open-sewer and its continuing status as the terror capital of the world must be challenged.

UPDATE: Goldwater's Ghost with some thoughts.


Doc Milnamo said...

Methinks India wants to and is ready to jump ugly with Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Not a traditional AQ modus operandi. I'm sincerely interested to find out who is responsible for planning the op and what his background is, because a new infiltration method, new weapons (not suicide or remote-detonated bombs, but gunmen) and the requisiste different training regimine for the operators involved and different logistics for supplying them leads me to suspect he doesn't think about terrorism the same way the Afghani Alumni do.

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