Sunday, November 9, 2008

What Will President Obama Do?

The Obama Administration is going to have a lot to think about when it moves into the White House on January 20. This article lays out some of the basic.

Here's a little free advice for the new President, on the off-chance that one or two of his advisers read this blog. Health care, education, the environment, global warming, cap and trade...all were nice things to talk about on the trail and they were good things to talk about to build your electoral base. But you were hired to fix the economy. I am likely to agree with little you decide to do, but you should not dilute your mandate chasing after a bunch of policy goals that don't have an immediate, stimulative impact on the economy. Get some wins under your belt, build some momentum, and then go tilt at the other windmills.

Keep in mind readers....I don't think we should do ANY more to stimulate the economy. I think we should let the system settle out and see what is working. I know however, that the Obama Team will want to DO THINGS..I'm simply saying only do THESE things.


Sally said...

I think he should make his first priority bailing out the automakers. That will get things off to a great start.

Dan said...

It will be interesting to see how long he'll blame things on 8 years of the Bush administration, and how long the media will accept that explanation (excuse, in my words).
As an aside, in the military, when you take command of an organization (ship or brigade), it's yours from that day, warts and all. AND, you NEVER criticize the previous commander.
Wonder if President O will follow suit.

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