Monday, November 24, 2008

First African-American......

Stop the presses ladies and gentlemen, we have yet another "first" for the African-American community. It seems the Obamas have decided to extend to one "Desiree Rogers" the coveted post of "White House Social Secretary", position in which she would be the "first African-American".

Can we get over this crap PLEASE! The country hired an African-American as President. Can we assume that all African-American appointments to lesser posts are no longer noteworthy? Please?


Mudge said...

and i was SO looking forward to the following post: "yes CW readers, we have another first! our first post from an african american!" i knew it was just around the corner until you pulled the rug out from under us. actually, as i often point out, as the son of an african man and an american woman, barak obama is one of the first truly african americans elected to national political office of any kind. all the others just shared his skin color...sort of. by this stage of their decendency, it would appear that, like me, after only four generations of forebearers living in this country, that they are just "americans". but when you only recently became proud of your country for the first time, i can see why you might not yet identify yourself solely by that country.

Goldwater's Ghost said...

*sigh* Bush's Cabinet (inclusive of his first term)has included two Hispanics, two African Americans and two Asian Americans. Three departments - State, Education and Labor - have been headed by women.

But I guess Obama is being diverse in his own right - after all, the media has long said that white males are in the minority anymore...

Smoothfur said...

I would be more greatly impressed if apointees were identified as "the most qualified person" to ever hold the position to which they have been appointed.
Race, color, creed, national origin or gender have no bearing on the matter. Qualifications do.

Anonymous said...

As one who regularly reads your post and is an African American male there are several things that I would like to say regarding this post.
1. The answer to your initial question is No.
2. As an African American, it was not too long ago that we could not be guaranteed a descent education in certain segments of this country, and that people were literally beaten, hosed, and bitten (by dogs) as they peaceably sought the right to just ride at the front of a bus... etc.
3. We have come far, but we still have a long way to go and every step such as this is important for a community where the standard of what is right and descent in America is not my face, but the face of a person that is "white." The same country that would not hire an African American in most major malls across this country to play the role of Santa Claus.
4. Yes we will still continue to count until one day it doesn't matter... when one day people aren't surprised to walk in to an interview to learn that the person either conducting the interview or being interviewed is African American. (You can apply many of these thoughts to other non "White's" in America.)
5. Off my high horse, and looking forward to your next discourse and comments.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Anonymous--thanks for reading, and for your comments. I'll take 'em one at a time.

1. "No". That's it? Nothing more?
2. I don't dispute that AA's in this country had a rough doubt about it. But the dogs, and the deprivation you describe is forty years in the past. The story of the past forty years has been one of legal protection, advance and progress.
3. "every step such as this..." Are you really telling me that "first African American White House Social Secretary" is something to count? Something worthy of mention? Really now--I understand the importance of Presidents, VP's, Senators, Cabinet Secretaries etc....but social secretaries? It is a distinction that has lost meaning when it is applied so loosely.
4. Who gets to decide when it doesn't matter? What are the criteria?
5. No high horse my friend...just good questions and worthwhile opinions.

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