Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Most Ridiculous Babble I've Seen in Quite a Long Time

Take a look at this editorial in this morning's Post. Go back and write for the style section, Joel. You're way out of your league when you tackle finance--high or personal. Surely there are periods in American history that can be pointed to wherein an investment in a passbook savings account exceeds the return gained in the stock market. We're living through that. But over the long haul? That's called "opportunity cost". And let's make a distinction here between the magical "appearance" of a bicycle and the purchase of a McMansion at ten times annual salary. The bicycle appeared, along with the other "objects of desire" BECAUSE wifey's mother was living within her means.

Ridiculous tripe.


Anonymous said...

OK I read the article, now can I have my 5 minutes back?

One word - tripe.

b bauer said...


Anonymous said...

"...knew they could not afford."

C'mon, these morons weren't bright enough to know they couldn't afford the house.

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