Thursday, November 13, 2008

My First Hunting Trip

In just a little under a month, I will don the togs of a mighty hunter, and in the company of great men I will hunt ducks, geese, and then deer. Outside of the pump action pellet gun my Dad kept next to the sliding door in the kitchen (to shoot varmints like squirrels) I have never shot a weapon at another living thing. Well, that's not exactly true either. When I commanded a ship, I used to have the gunners mates bring up a 9mm every now and then to shoot at flying fish or sea birds. But I digress.

My mentor in this new world is Mudge, a friend of some 18 years standing. Mudge and I both retired from the Navy within months of each other, and we both live on the Eastern Shore (he's really remote, way down in the little sliver of the ES that belongs to the Old Dominion). We'll be joined on our hunt by two other wonderful fellows--all of us connected by our friendship with Mudge.

I haven't looked forward to a weekend this much for a long, long time. Mudge is hoping i get up there a bit early so that we can shoot a little skeet....I think his good judgment is serving him well here, as we are trying to avoid any Wyoming Dick C incidents.

I'll bring a camera and post photos here, as long as the other guys don't mind. Any tips from regular hunters would be much appreciated.


Dan said...

You lead a flying goose by a barn door.

SamShapiro said...

Went hunting twice in my life. Couldn't pull the trigger or pull the bow back, though I had no problem eating what my friends killed.

Goldwater's Ghost said...

A word of advice - if Mudge gives you an antlered hat to wear prior to going out - run. Quickly.

Doc Milnamo said...

Is is "wabbit season" or duck season?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Geese and ducks in the morning, followed by an afternoon of deer hunting.

Mudge said...

goldwater's ghost - shhhh!!!

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