Friday, November 21, 2008

Obama Team Leaking

Oh my, you mean it? Are the fabulously disciplined Obamamaniacs now beginning to get liquored up on the fun of being able to talk with the press and be considered a "source"? Maybe. But an even more likely explanation is that now that the campaign is over, the Chicago kitchen cabinet has to be extended, and folks who aren't quite as loyal to the new President are in the game. Self-interest is a huge motivator in the Washington power game, and there are a lot of folks out there whose interests are served by these leaks. This is also--by the way--the leading edge of the inevitable splintering of the Democratic Party that will occur as frenzied Dems begin to realize that they are not really a party of ideas or ideology--they are a loose confederation of special interests whose agendas are advanced by banding together where necessary.


Sally said...

This reminds me a lot of the Clinton transition. Obama's may be more disciplined, but Clinton and his cronies assumed they could run Washington the way they ran Arkansas and we all recall what a disaster it was initially. Now Team Obama, who ran such a great campaign, assume they can run the transition the same as the campaign and they're realizing it's a slightly different ballgame. And WHAT IS THE WAIT with announcing the Treasury Secretary? Does that seem a bit more pressing than picking a Health and Human Services Secretary?

Will said...

"they are not really a party of ideas or ideology"

Man, you sure hit that one on the head.

Dan said...

Sec Treas? What about his SECDEF choice, given that Israel will be bombing Iran in a month or so?

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