Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Not Vote is to Vote

A very funny article here by a very funny man, Matt Labash. Labash writes for the Weekly Standard, a magazine I like much better than the National Review, but whose website does not compare. Labash makes a spirited defense for "non-voting". I actually also considered not voting for President while I stood over the little touchscreen, but then I realized that I'd never be able to look Sally in the eye if I did that.


wahooligan said...

And what brought about this contemplation?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Not to vote? Because I did not like Barack Obama and I liked John McCain only a tiny bit more.

Sally said...

The website may not compare, but the Weekly Standard has Stephen Hayes (sigh). I think that's a good reason to like them better, don't you?
And until you vote in a state where your vote actually matters, I will forgive you for considering such an act.

Dan said...

I am surprised that the article didn't mention those who voted 100% for Saddam Hussein in October 2002.

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