Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama Out to Get Osama

News from the yet to take office Obama Administration that they are going to "ratchet" up the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Now, the Obama Campaign was not famous for its humility, but this one really gets me. What do they think the CIA, NSA, and the US Special Operations Command have been doing for the past seven years? Is hope and change going to get him?

I wish them luck, but a little humility on this one would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

They'll capture him and offer him a tenured position at the University of Chicago.

Goldwater's Ghost said...

Dalton Fury - with a name like that, I'd be disappointed if he was anything less than special operations.

The Bush administration has quietly and methodically carried out the work of disassembling al Qaeda for years, and in the process I believe has managed to effectively marginalize Bin Laden and by extension AQ. When Bin Laden fled into the tribal areas of Pakistan, he became a figurehead - a terrible, ruthless one to be sure - but a figurehead nonetheless. The administration then rightfully focused its resources on the bigger task at hand - crippling the network.

I don't think we ever stopped our pursuit of Osama, we just didn't make our effort readily available to the New York Times, and subsequently our enemies.

Mudge said...

I understand that Al Qaeda makes more than $250K a year. Could that be the strategy the new Administration plans to use to dismantle their organization? I bet it will work.

Anonymous said...

Dalton Fury... didn't he pitch for the Phillies this year?

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