Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Sorry for having been incommunicado so long. Driving from the Eastern Shore to Charlottesville for a game and back is a 15 hour extravaganza, and I needed to take the Kitten out for dinner afterward as recompense. I'll deal with the game in another post.

I just finished reading through all of the FFA Friday and Saturday posts. B Bauer's appearance on the scene is a breath of fresh air, and I caution all who take him on to actually read what he writes rather than responding to your own biases in what he writes....I've complained about the same thing here now and then when folks read more into what I've written than the words were chosen to convey.

That said, I think some of the back and forth among B Bauer and some of the old hands around here was some of the most interesting dialogue yet seen on the CW. Goldwater's Ghost continues to set a high standard of insightful thought, clear writing, and civility.

I find myself very happy to have gotten this site off the ground, as I gain a great deal of knowledge from the folks who stop by.

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