Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Guess what? I've never gone to a polling place to vote in my life. That's right. Never. As political as I am, I have always been a rather indifferent voter, casting absentee ballots (that I recall) now and then, but only during Presidential elections.

Today is different though. I will go to my appointed polling place and vote before heading on into work. One of the ballot measures in Maryland this year is a question on whether to allow early voting. I will vote "no" on the measure, but I realize I swim against the tide on this one. Absentee voting is one thing (hell, when I did get around to filing an absentee ballot, I was always not in my then state of record), but voting weeks early, when there still is more campaign to play out, just seems premature. I like the idea of the whole country voting on the same day, with the same set of facts.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your "no" vote on early voting, but as far as the idea of "whole country voting on the same day, with the same set of facts" gives too much credit to the intelligence of the masses.

Do you think Peggy (the gal who we'll soon be buying gas for) would change her vote, no matter what late in the game facts are presented?

Goldwater's Ghost said...

I agree, I like voting on one day - we should also extend this to the primary process as well. Could we also get those cool indelible ink spots on our thumbs to identify us as having voted like the Iraqis did?

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