Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Interesting Electoral Map

From A Connecticut Republican.


Goldwater's Ghost said...

I saw a similar map following the 2004 election. It would be interesting to compare this map to the same 2004 map to see how the counties along the Border states (Mexican, that is)have gone democrat due to the influx of hispanics. Some outreach effort on the part of Republicans is definitely needed here.

It translates roughly into: cities/densely populated areas (Democrat) + the rural south, rural mid-west & west (republican) = Republican disaster. Rinse. Repeat.

Sally said...

That IS interesting. I don't think it's all that discouraging, either, though it echoes the same theme the GOP have been wringing their hands over for weeks. We have plenty of time to get the work done in reaching out to Hispanics.
And even more interesting is the fact that there's actually a Republican in Connecticut.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>And even more interesting is the fact that there's actually a Republican in Connecticut

We're treated like hostages!

Mudge said...

AutConRep - Many hostages worry that their captors will kill them. You need not suffer such concerns. Since dead men cannot be taxed, the AutConDems will keep you alive as long as the miracles of modern nationalized medicine can keep your heart pumping.

Anonymous said...

It actually only REALLY gets interesting when you add a Z axis to the map that shows the margin. If you focus on the nova counties in Virginia on that map, you see they're all blue, but that's half the story. Virginia Beach is traditionally the Republican Party's breadbasket in Virginia--Bush won it by 15 pts in 2000 and 20 pts in 2004. It still went Republican this year, but only by a couple of points.

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