Sunday, November 2, 2008

Miami 24 UVA 17

UVA dropped a tough one yesterday, maybe the most devastating loss since the 1995(?) loss to Ga Tech when we were #1 in the country. The loss was a virtual mirror image of our victory the previous week over UNC, with Miami tying the game late and then beating us in overtime.

We handed this game to Miami through a combination of uninspiring play calling, poor tactics, and just plain bad execution.

Our kicker missed two field goals, both of which it appeared obvious that we were going to have to kick (on 3rd down). To me, with a right-footed kicker soccer-style kicker, you do everything you can to get the ball to the right hashmark. In neither case did we run plays on second or third down to ensure that he could have the favorable angle.

On a lighter note, it was a stunningly beautiful day. The fall colors were beautiful on the forested hills behind the stadium, and the 72 degree day was a bonus. Three cheers for global warming!


CR UVa said...

I want to know why Groh didn't have Verica throw a hail-mary at the end of regulation. While it is something of a prayer, if successful, it ends the game there; if not, the game almost certainly goes into OT anyway. The offense failed to produce most of the game (the D was very good and certainly good enough considering the missed FGs), but the coaching failed miserably letting Miami get their hands on the ball again.

wahooligan said...

That loss to GT was 1990 or 91. I'll have to go back and do a little research... While this game didn't carry the same magnitude as that GT game, it did however result in another heartbreak... much like the Wyoming loss of a season or two ago, the loss to Duke earlier this season, the loss to Texas Tech in the bowl game last year... ah what the difference a year makes for Texas Tech, eh? I don't think I saw an undefeated team in them when we played them last year. It goes to demonstrate what chemistry and some luck can mean for a program.

wahooligan said...

The year was 1990... This from an article just today about the new no. 1. "The top spot in the poll hasn’t been held by this many teams since 1990, when Miami, Notre Dame, Colorado, Michigan and Virginia all had a turn at No 1."

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