Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama Making Good Moves with Economic Team

Reports are that President-elect Barack Obama (henceforth PEBO) will nominate Tim Geithner and Lawrence Summers as his Treasury Secretary and Director of the National Economic Council, respectively. Summers had the Treasury job at the end of the Clinton Administration and then went on to Harvard where he managed to offend much of the female world by suggesting that women might not be biologically pre-disposed to the math and science disciplines. Geithner's been the NY Fed President, and has gotten high marks for his conduct during this fiscal crisis. Two good picks.


Anonymous said...

The problem that I have with the choice is the phrase "Clinton Administration." All of these picks are not new individuals. They are all being recycled from the Clinton Administration.

Anonymous said...

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Dan said...

Was Summers responsible for the Barbie doll who said, "Math Class is hard!"

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