Sunday, November 9, 2008

Russian Sub Accident Kills 20

News of a horrible accident in the Sea of Japan in which the installed firefighting system on an AKULA Class Russian attack boat discharged, killing 20 people and injuring an equal number. What a terrible thing.

These installed systems contain freon or halon or some other heavier than air inert gas, and when activated (either manually or automatically by fire sensors) dump into the space and displace oxygen. Death is by asphyxiation. A horrible way to go.

Mariners all over the world will pause and think of these people today. I hope you will too.

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Anonymous said...

Under the directive from the future head of the House Committee on Armed Services, Barney Frank, the term "attack" submarine will no longer be used.

Henceforth they will be called "submarines of assertive persuasion."

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