Saturday, November 29, 2008

Va Tech 17 UVA 14

Inexcusable. Absolutely inexcusable. Virginia ends the season at 5-7 and Al Groh is now 1-8 vs. Va Tech. Exciting to see Vic Hall light things up a bit, but it wasn't enough. What a bad, disappointing season. And basketball is going to be even worse.


Mberenis said...
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wahooligan said...

I'm not sure that I agree that basketball is going to be worse... other than the fact that prior to George Welch's arrival at The University (what I'd like to term the modern era of Virginia football), Virginia, and the ACC, was a basketball conference... so for us to not be more competitive in basketball is quite disappointing.

I am a fan of both Groh and Leitao from the perspective of their knowledge as coaches; what I have been disappionted is in the lack of consistency competitive and winning teams. I do not expect a National Championship team to take the court or field every year in Charlottesville, but give me a team that I look forward to watching... as hopeful as I was at times during that game yesterday (and we still had a chance to do something with the last two possessions of the game), I was waiting for the shoe to fall... I knew that somehow they would manage to break my heart once again just as they had done against Miami and Clemson... reality is Tech is probably a better team than we are, but our defense proved that they aren't far behind Tech... and they showed they were up to the task... Oh well, another year of Hokie fans gobbling....

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