Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Class of the Bush Administration

The President and his team are garnering a significant amount of praise for the thought and effort they are putting into the transition. I am grateful to the President for setting that tone, and I urge the Obama Team to approach this with gratitude and humility. A good bit of repair to frazzled relationships can be done with a smooth and friendly turnover.


SamShapiro said...

I guess they won't be taking the W from the keyboards when they leave?

Sally said...

We're all encouraged and expected to rally around our new President and show him our support. And we all should. But where was that courtesy and good will for the Bush administration?

I did have a great thought yesterday. Could it be possible that we won't be hearing from Michael Moore for at least four years?

Goldwater's Ghost said...

I wouldn't get my hopes up Sally. Moore will be the Leni Riefenstahl of the Obama Administration.

Where I've questioned Obama's character over the past serveral months, I've never had to with Bush. I may have disagreed with the president over several policy matters and decisions over the years, but I admire his quiet dignity and grace. Where Carter and Clinton have become bloviating cartoons upon leaving office, I'm confident Bush will carry himself with class, much like his father.

And besides, he's given us the hottest first daughter ever in Barbara Bush.

Goldwater likey.

Dan said...

Instead of taking the "O's" from keyboards, Bush aides should take the "X's" in an effort to stem any tax increases.

Farrah Caan said...

Nice idea, Dan. But that would be seen as a direct and racial assault on the memory of brother Malcolm.

Mudge said...

What should surprise me but it doesn't is that so much of the media is taken aback by this approach that our president is taking to the turnover of responsibility. In other words, they shouldn't be surprised but they are. The only administration in recent history who has behaved in the way the media apparently expected Bush to behave is the Clinton administration when the same staffs thought they would be part of the Gore administration. I would have been shocked, stunned and in total disbelief if President George W. Bush had approached this turnover in any less professional fashion. Yet it is news to those who make careers of reporting the news. Just shows how incredibly out of touch our media really can be when so blinded by their own biases.

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