Sunday, November 16, 2008

George Will at His Best

Fantastic column by George Will this morning. Think about how you reacted as you read it. Were you nodding with approval? Were you thinking "yes, this makes sense" and "tell it like it is"? Did you find yourself thinking that you wished there were more politicians who thought that way?

Now go back and re-read it. Where were the stinging rebukes to the pro-choice movement? Where was the full-throated defense of traditional marriage?

They weren't there....yet you nodded approvingly anyway. The winning Republican combination for the future is economic conservatism and social libertarianism.

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Anonymous said...

True that. Back to the basics conservatives.

On the religious/morality issues we're in need of a Madison/Jefferson moment I heard on APMs "Speaking of Faith." To wit: religious liberty geared toward promoting religion by leaving it alone (read separation of church and state). Not exactly a new idea but probably a good one.

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